Durham University (2015 - current)

Computer Science PhD

Computer Science MEng 1st class (2015-2019)

Vice Chancellor Scholarship 2016/17 - awarded to the 60 highest-scoring undergraduates across all disciplines in the university.

BAE Systems Durham CTF 1st place - cyber security competition.

Hills Road Sixth Form College (2013 - 2015)

2013-2015 Maths (A*), Physics(A*), Further Maths (A), Computing (A) and EPQ(dist)

Gold in the UK Maths Challenge

Sawston Village College (2008 - 2013)

2008-2013 GCSEs 6 A*s, 4 As and 1 B

Henry Morris Community Award - for engagement and commitment to supporting all the events that happened in my school.

Silver and Gold Arts Awards - based on film and visual effects.

Gold in the UK Maths Challenge

Part of a small group that created a Lego animation that won awards in London, Prague and Australia.


Simulation programmer and crowd TD, Theory Studios (Summer 2017)

Summer job building, using and providing support for a crowd simulation tool used to animate traffic for high profile TV visual effects jobs.

Technical Manager, Collingwood College (2016 - 2017)

Coordinating with groups organising events in the college, as well as those that will help to put the events on (such as security, catering and the COO). £4,000 annual budget and almost £14,000 when including the technical budget for each event.

Technical Events (2015 - present) (see Technical Events)

Designing and running live music events and themed meals.

Technical Theatre (2009 - present) (see Technical Theatre)

A variety of events both inside and outside as the technical manager or designer.

Durham Student Theatre (2015 - present)

Sixteen shows as Lighting Designer, Technical Director or Sound Designer including two shows in the Gala Theatre (Durham’s professional theatre).

Sawston Youth Drama (2011 - present)

Twelve shows as Lighting Programmer/Op and/or Lighting Designer.

Little Shelford annual pantomime (2014 - 2016)

Three shows as Sound Designer.

Hills Road Sixth Form College (2014)

One show as Lighting Designer.

Sawston Village College Tech Team Leader (2009 - 2013)

Six shows as Technical Director or Lighting Designer including two shows in the Cambridge Junction.

Storytime Phonics VFX work (Summer 2016)

Working from home, completed the effects for three greenscreen-heavy short films. This work was offered by a former mentor (see References section).

Workshop Leader at Sawston Cinema (2012 - 2016)

Taught kids aged 11-16 about filmmaking and visual effects. One workshop produced a film that won a competition to be screened on the International Space Station (see SpaceLift). Another workshop taught kids about projection mapping and animation (see SculptingWithLight).

BFI Film Academy specialising in VFX (Summer 2014)

Week long residential, being taught and practicing VFX techniques.

Skills and Attributes

Communication and teamwork

Leader at Sawston Cinema where for a number of years I have helped drive projects to be more technically and creatively successful. Being able to communicate complex creative and technical concepts to kids who had never made films before was an important aspect of my role. Projects were run by a number of professionals, and in the last few years I have led several projects myself.

Organisation, management and leadership

Working on over thirty five shows and numerous events, often in roles of leadership, has helped me develop these qualities. I have always excelled in high pressure theatre and event production settings.

Conscientious and focused

I do not settle for second-rate work. I take personal pride and responsibility for the work I do, and apply attention to detail. I can be relied upon to deliver on what I have committed to.

This is demonstrated by my academic performance and consistent positive feedback from events and shows I have helped to run.

Lighting desk programming

Proficient at programming and operating MA dot2 and ETC EOS (Element and Ion) and working knowledge of GrandMA2, Avolites Titan and Zero88.

Digital sound desk experience

Behringer x32 and Digico SD9.

Code development skills

Primarily Python and C, but also JavaScript, WebGL, Java, Linux and git.

Blender plugin development using Python.

VFX software skills

Blender, BMD Fusion, mocha Pro, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere.


Contact details available on request.

Lesley Morgan - Arts Development Manager at Sawston Village College

Peter Harmer - Freelance filmmaker