During the Summer of 2016 I took several courses from FXPHD including:

  • Introduction to Houdini 12, Part 1

  • Introduction FX TD Fundamentals

  • A Guerrilla Filmmakers Guide to After Effects

  • Background Fundamentals VFX Supervisors

  • Background Fundamentals ‘14/15

  • Lighting People, Products and Cars

  • Fusion Production Workshop

The Houdini courses particularly grabbed my interest so I made the following VEX scripts.

alt text

This script produces this box made of many strands which can then be attracted by other objects coming close.

alt text

This script was an extension of one of the examples on the FXPHD course. I added the diffusing effect and further extended it to diffuse at different rates based on a procedural texture meant to look like the fibres in a coarse paper.